Mortgage News and Resources

A common goal for all homeowners and lenders alike should include learning more about mortgages. It is always wise to know as much information as possible on a topic before making a final decision about it. Mortgage types vary and have different terms and rates for each. Mortgage news provides valuable insight on which types are best and which need changing.

Mortgage Magazines

Many magazines exist that provide current news regarding mortgages and the housing market. Each one features key details for lenders and valid concerns about mortgage rates for homeowners.

National Mortgage Professional Magazine

Lenders posses the choice of buying a print magazine or subscribing to the online editions. National Mortgage Professional Magazine provides monthly editions to its subscribers. Marketing ideas, legislative updates, and new program details are available regularly. The magazine even offers state-specific editions so each location gets news that suits their needs. Most states have similar rates and regulations, but places like Alaska and Hawaii have higher costs of living that require a different limit.

Mortgage Banking Magazine

The Mortgage Banking Magazine puts out a new edition each month. They discuss upcoming financial conferences where industry leaders speak about their experience with mortgages and financial investments. Economic outlook for the calendar year and updates on mortgage technology are also discussed. Focus falls on a different category with every edition. The complete editorial calendar is available. It allows potential subscribers to see which issue examines the most important topics to them.

Mortgage Compliance Magazine

Professionals get the news they need with Mortgage Compliance Magazine. It features details regarding risk management, quality assurance, legal issues, and mortgage compliance rules. Each of these play an important role in lenders determining the mortgage offers they will provide. The magazine discusses everything a lender needs to know about the current mortgage market and what new rates to apply to upcoming mortgage loans.

Mortgage Executives Magazine

The Mortgage Executives Magazine showcases the top leaders in the mortgage industry. Those who excel in the industry and pave the way with new innovations and ideas get featured regularly. CEOs and Senior Executives with multi-billion dollar businesses offer expert advice on trends to focus on and networking goals to consider. The magazine even has feature articles detailing the differences in mortgage types and offers guidance for lenders looking to get the most out of their customer relationships.

Mortgage News Online

Borrowers seeking information on mortgages may not always find the news they need in magazines. The Internet often proves a far better resource. Online sources fill the market, allowing lenders and borrowers alike to gain insight on current mortgage trends and updates on conditions.

Scotsman Guide News

Scotsman Guide News follows all aspects of mortgages. They offer information to commercial businesses and typical residences. Full lists of the top ranking lenders are also featured. When looking online, researchers can search directly for a lender to find out what the news has to say about them. Not every lending company is ideal to use. Scotsman Guide makes sure to include insightful guides so consumers know what they are getting into.

National Mortgage News

Many mortgage issues face the entire nation. Typical standards apply to almost all states throughout the U.S. National Mortgage News ensures everyone keeps up to date on current findings regarding the housing market and mortgage concerns. New mortgage settlement requirements make up one focus. Another focal point includes home prices and their monthly changes.

Mortgage News Daily

Each day, Mortgage News Daily puts out articles regarding the top headlines of the moment. Rates, bonds, and analysis overviews are all discussed at length. They provide a mortgage snapshot that showcases the average mortgage rates and terms people have chosen. It details the differences in rates between a common 30 year loan and a FHA, as well as a 15 year option and a jumbo loan.

Mortgage Professional America

Professionals receive the news they need with Mortgage Professional America. Special reports on mortgage news get included often. Industry news makes the reports alongside compliance issues and possible business developments. Individuals may obtain news from this site as well. The site offers details on the best lenders in the market.

Televised News Stations

Online and in print are not the only two options for current news and trends. Televised news stations also offer details on mortgages and the ever evolving market conditions.


The Cable News Network discusses current trends seen throughout the United States. Discussions often include mortgage information. The CNN Money portion of the program focuses on market data, personal finance, and investments.

NBC News

NBC offers a variety of news to those who watch. Breaking stories are the focus, while the latest news from around the world is also a priority. Mortgage trends and current happenings are often discussed. New mortgage rules are also detailed. Stories of individuals and their struggles with mortgage even make for popular discussions, ensuring viewers learn from the mistakes and troubles of others and prepare themselves better.

CBS News

CBS works much like NBC, focusing on breaking stories and day-to-day details. Mortgages and interest rates are still a popular topic as well. The station works to inform their viewers of any changes in rates and lets them know when to start preparing for an increase.

ABC News

Just as CBS and NBC discuss mortgages, so does ABC News. This station regularly features details regarding the new regulations set forth by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. It also discusses price jumps and expected market conditions coming in the near future. ABC ensures all consumers remain informed of mortgage decisions regularly.

Mortgage news remains a valuable component of the mortgage market. Homeowners need to keep up with current news and regulations so they understand what to expect. Lenders should focus on marketing trends and current data so they offer fair rates to customers. Each person can find the news they need online, in magazines, and even on television.